3 Multipurpose Furniture Trends For Open Office Design

In open office layouts, furniture should be chosen not only for its pleasing aesthetics, but also for proper functionality. Successful open office interior design gives employees furniture choices that jive with different tasks and functions. At the 2019 IFMA World Workplace conference and expo in Phoenix, we noticed a variety of multipurpose furniture trends and products that cater to the open office environment, from adjustable furniture on wheels to decluttering solutions. Based in Morgantown, PA, Ethosource specializes in providing businesses with new, used and refurnished office furniture to fit any environment. For companies that are hesitant about making the commitment to purchase furniture for their open office, Peggy Moore, senior vice president of CORT, suggests they consider using furniture “As a service.” Cort’s residential relocation division gives the commercial industry access to furniture that is typically found within residential environments, which Moore says is ideal for businesses incorporating resimercial touches within their open office plan. These trends demonstrate outside-the-box thinking when it comes to open office furniture solutions.


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