Digital Transformation In Action: Tracking The Growth Of Proptech

The outcome is the MIT Tech Tracker, a tool that scouts and tracks cutting-edge technologies in real estate and their progress from concept and invention to the PropTech marketplace and ultimately being taken for granted in our everyday lives. “The MIT Technology Tracker is a tool not dissimilar from the tried and tested Yahoo Finance Stock Tracker,” explains Dr. Andrea Chegut, Director, MIT REIL. ‘But, instead of tracking stock prices for companies we track, through various sources, the development of technologies. “The algorithms in the technology tracker gather, follow and measure the awareness and commercial uptake of technologies. The main purpose is to understand how technologies are developing momentum in the field, without the hype,” Chegut adds, noting that the tracker presents the information in three ways to serve different searches. “The three tools released in MIT Tech Tracker beta are a Top Technology chart based on MIT algorithms, a comparative Technology Awareness tool, and a Technology Deep Dive tool that allows users to gain guided insights into technology impacting their segment of the built environment.” It recently formed JLL Technologies to align and expand its technology and digital initiatives, while accelerating innovation for its investor and occupier clients. JLL’s technology portfolio also includes advisory solutions like Utilization Intelligence which helps clients better leverage their real estate footprints, and products like Corrigo, a cloud-based facility management platform to aid digital transformation. “MIT will continue to develop additional tracking and insightful measures about technology.”


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