4 Future Workplace Trends Hr Should Understand For 2020 And Beyond

Here are future workplace trends that HR teams will contend with in 2020 and beyond. New job roles have been created in the last 10 years to use some of these creative skills, such as “Director of employee experience” and “Director of financial wellness,” to catch up with these future workplace trends. Sixty-four percent of employers report a skills gap, up from 52% in 2018, according to research by Wiley Educational Service and Future Workplace. Even today, an increasing number of Fortune 1000 companies such as Apple, Google and Netflix are recruiting candidates who do not have college degrees, a workplace trend that will only grow in the future. The movement to disrupt HR is rooted in delivering a consumer-grade employee experience in the workplace, one that mirrors the best customer experience. Employees increasingly bring their consumer expectations to the workplace. HR needs to reinvent its processes to source, screen, develop and coach employees.


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