Salesforce Embodies Its Ohana Throughout Its San Francisco Hq

Salesforce embodies its Ohana throughout its San Francisco headquarters upon opening up its Salesforce Tower to the community. All existing Salesforce headquarters, from all parts of the world, were analyzed to find the Ohana that lied within it. Today, along with the official grand opening of its Salesforce Tower in May 2019, Salesforce San Francisco is now a home for not only its employees, but its customers, partners, and community. The goal with our global Salesforce Design Standard is to align everyone with consistent brand experience and environment any time they enter a Salesforce office, anywhere in the world. We’ve also opened up the Ohana Floor of Salesforce Tower San Francisco for free monthly community tours, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Our global headquarters, Salesforce Tower San Francisco, features the largest on-site water recycling system in a commercial high-rise building in the United States. Interactive Lobbies: We’ve built out interactive lobbies in Salesforce Towers worldwide, which feature LED video walls, Salesforce mascots, music and more.


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