Design Tips For Adding Acoustic Pods To Office Layouts

The need to block out distractions, to add private spaces to existing floorplans and to do so quickly has led to the proliferation of pods. What they’re finding is – adding a pod to the office isn’t like adding a couch or a chair, it requires different questions on the front end and new protocols on the backend. NEW WEBINAR: DESIGNING WITH PODS. Join us November 20 for design tips and details to consider when adding pods to your floorplan. Put a Rush on It. 360: Besides offering people privacy, why do you think pods are so hot right now? NW: One of the biggest benefits of pods is how quickly they can be installed. SnapCab pods come in several sizes from a phone booth to a pod with seating up to six. These phone booth pods are really designed for individuals to take phone calls, have a quick stand up meeting, or find a place to recharge.


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