This Is What I Learned As A Millennial Managing Other Millennials

3 minute Read. When you picture the people who have a tough time managing millennials, another millennial probably doesn’t come to mind. Some of the millennials I’ve managed felt like they deserved my job. The requests millennials make aren’t about the specific demand but a signal that they’re ready for something bigger. GoldieBlox’s mission is getting girls into STEM, and it is a big part of what attracts millennials to work with us. In addition to a company mission, many millennials have personal missions they want to put into action at their jobs. If you find a positive way to engage these and give millennials the opportunity to lead a charge, above and beyond their normal work duties, they will be happier and more motivated overall. I’ve seen how hungry and hard-working millennials can be, and when that is channeled into something, the impact is tremendously powerful.


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