The Key To Successful Workplace Design? Change Management Plans

A strategic, specific, and evolving change management plan can act as the user manual that aligns these impactful tools, talent and workplace, to create a high-functioning organization. This requires implementation through a robust change management process in order for the workplace to realize its full potential. As we shifted from traditional assigned workstations to an agile, un-assigned work environment, the change management plan acted as the key to unlocking the success of the design – providing employees insight into the formation of their new workplace strategy, unrolling operational protocol, the Framework, for using the new space and defining cultural values to propel the office to the forefront of collaboration and innovation. Ultimately, through various activities – a series of town hall meetings which invited all staff to help craft solutions, change champion workshops to ensure key players were well informed on specifics about the change, engagement activities such as tours of other agile offices, weekly email blasts, and the creation and roll out of the agile office framework – employees took ownership of the change and worked through inhibitors and apprehensions to prepare for a successful transition to agile working. To gain thorough support from employees, a series of change management activities such as a locker mockup, team discussions around where personally-owned reference materials would reside, and pre-move testing of mobile personal storage options, helped to craft a universally-approved solution for “Stuff” that yielded a successful outcome on day one in the agile office. The rapid hiring and the seamless cultural integration of a new discipline, twelve architectural employees in two years, shows the true capabilities of an agile environment and change management plan. Key attributes to a successful, radical change in work environment is a comprehensive change management plan, informed by and comprised of inclusive workshops and communications, and is continually evolved to fit the organization’s needs.


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