Finding Workplace Wellness In The Most Unexpected Places

With so much of our lives spent at the workplace, it is only natural that an emphasis be placed on workplace design to tackle the problem. While game rooms and dedicated lounge areas have become standard fare for some, an unexpected solution may come in the form of a well-integrated experiential graphic design approach. While its efficacy in delivering information and visual storytelling is widely understood and appreciated, EGD’s potential to contribute to workplace wellness is lesser known, but now coming to the forefront. ENCOURAGING MOVEMENT. The inspiration needed to convince employees to be more active can be as simple as an entertaining graphic located at or near a stair. Encouraging the use of stairs is only one way to move towards a less sedentary workplace. Just as there is no single design solution for the workplace, there is no single EGD solution for promoting workplace wellness. Luckily, EGD solutions are varied and versatile enough to reflect unique brand personalities and wellness goals.


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