Data And Analytics Will Help Drive The Future Of Cre

As the real estate industry looks to the future, property and asset managers are digitizing every piece of data they possibly can to make smarter decisions about productivity, operational efficiency, and more. From fintech to proptech, real estate leaders are tapping data and technology to solve problems and pursue opportunities and it’s generating a daunting amount of data. It’s quite another to successfully glean insights from that data that can help drive strategic decisions about the future. To leverage data and analytics to fundamentally change how the real estate industry operates, real estate leaders need to lay the foundation to turn information into insight and to be able to act on analysis. Putting down the digital pipe necessary to make business decisions in real time based on wide-ranging data sets is grinding work. More data for real estate companies is coming, fast. Imagine a commercial provider analyzing roof data across thousands of properties to assess how climate change is going to affect construction estimates and adjusting their building decisions accordingly to save millions in the long run.


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