Emerging Trends In Real Estate ® 2020: Investors Still Drawn To Real Estate

Real estate investors face a changing world, with the rising risk of recession in the short term and, over the long term, a slower rate of economic growth in general. Despite anxieties U.S. real estate is still a favored place for investors from all over the world to invest their capital, according to Emerging Trends in Real Estate®2020, released by ULI and PwC during the Fall Meeting. The widely anticipated annual industry forecast cites adaptability to change along with discipline as key factors in the industry’s ability to withstand an economic downturn and the possibility of softer real estate demand in the years ahead. “The risk of recession is rising-not now, but over the next year. I think it’s up to 50 percent,” said Ken Rosen, chairman of the Berkeley Haas Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics and chairman of Rosen Consulting Group. The Emerging Trends in Real Estate® 2020 report was released today at #ULIFall. “The biggest assemblage of wealth in real estate has been in the downturns, not in the upturns,” said Mitch Roschelle, partner and business development leader for PwC. Top markets. This year’s report notes that the top markets for real estate investors include several familiar names. The Emerging Trends report also minted a new word to describe a particular kind of real estate market desirable to real estate investors: “Hipsturbia.” These suburban markets are creating their own version of the live/work/play environments.


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