Office Relocations: A Marriage Made In Workplace Moves

Of course, successfully relocating to a digitally centered, ABW workplace takes more than just the right apps; it requires substantial changes to the culture, too. Those responsible for managing the workplace change will need to be open and honest, encourage friendly conversations, and plan social events to move the dial. The aim should be to establish how the change is likely to impact individuals but also why it is necessary for the bigger picture – and what they themselves can get from the change. Once employees’ questions have been answered – and organizations are armed with a more refined understanding about the change backed by statistical data – a carefully selected community of “Change champions” should be formed and trained to be experts in the change and how people adapt. Workplace change of this nature must also be understood as a trade-off. With the right strategy in place, a new workplace can be a tool for business transformation and change management. Mawson is leader of global workplace consultancy Advanced Workplace Associates and founder of Workplace Week New York.


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