The Stuff Remains The Same

Cars today are a lot more beautiful than my Dad’s old hospital-yellow Morris Marina, a lot more reliable, rust less if at all, and the buttons do a lot more stuff than just the wipers and lights, albeit the indicators still never seem to work on most Audis despite all the vorsprung. The components are essentially the same as they have been for as long as anyone can recall, only their form and degree of automation have evolved. The metaphor remains the same and the stuff remains the same. Meeting rooms Stuffy boxes that we now give affectionate names like ‘Alan’ to maintain their location as secret, where nothing works and ideas go to die. Private offices Still life museums of how work used to be, fantastic for the first five minutes until you start wondering if everyone outside is talking about you. The office: still quite a bit like the one your Dad worked in, but likely to be a bit cooler. Much it changes, the stuff remains the same.


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