Former Fed Chair Janet Yellen On Gender And Racial Diversity Of The Federal Government’S Economists

We will discuss the progress of women and minorities in the field of economics, with a particular focus on trends in the federal government. As David will shortly describe, the data collected for today’s session show that the representation of women and minorities in the federal government, including the Federal Reserve, is higher than in academia and has increased slightly in recent years-encouraging findings. There is much that can and should be done to improve the representation and success of women and minorities within the federal government. I’m particularly thinking about gender issues-such as the treatment of women, the family, children and health care. Many government and business decisions affect women and men, and people of different racial backgrounds differently. Relative to male economists, women are more supportive of government regulation, more concerned about inequality, and less likely to see labor market opportunities for men and women as equal. The prevailing range of views among economists is likely to be biased by the relative lack of women and minority economists.


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