Fresh Push To Save A Billion Birds A Year From Killer Glass

“As architects, we often use glass to connect people with nature, but if done wrong, that glass can literally kill the nature we seek to connect with,” he said. The continued proliferation of glass buildings constructed across New York City has exacerbated the problem, especially at this time of the year as the city sits in the Atlantic Flyway, a major north-south route migratory birds take each fall. Bird-friendly glass prevents bird collisions by making the glass visible to birds by adding patterns to glass surfaces with frit, silk screening, or ultraviolet coatings, Piselli told the council, adding only a fraction of a percent to the overall cost of an average new city building. 100 percent of all glass balcony railings, parallel glass, and glass corners must be bird-safe. How do bird-proof glass costs compare to normal glass? What about overall building costs? It is estimated that bird-friendly glass may add a fraction of a percent to overall new construction costs. As migratory birds stop, rest and forage in the city’s parks, trees and other green spaces, they risk colliding with glass buildings and other glass structures that they do not perceive as barriers. How many birds are killed in building collisions each year in New York City? In the United States? It is estimated that 330 million to one billion birds die annually by glass collisions in the US, according to scientists and experts at the Ameri.


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