Office Design That Treats Workers Like Individuals

Designers have already moved past these ideas to give employees improved work environments that come with much more freedom. An office with an open design is not necessarily open-plan. We are designing these offices around the actual work employees do, freeing them to find the best setting for the task at hand rather than confining them to a single, assigned spot. Employees have more control over their surroundings-whether they want to find a private space for heads-down work, a huddle room for a quick meeting or a daylit spot with views out to nature-and freedom to “Find the right tribe.” Because all the desks don’t need to be the same, companies can offer a variety of interesting seating choices. ABW environments can generate cost savings by helping companies offer only the number of work points they need. These spaces divide ABW environments into neighborhoods that enable people to work in smaller teams, nest, huddle and feel a strong sense of belonging while still having access to a plethora of work settings. What’s the answer for your company? It’s the responsibility of workplace strategists and designers to educate each client about all the different office planning models-from open-plan to fully enclosed, ABW, NCE and everything in-between-and then collaborate with them to find the right solution for their unique needs and culture.


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