Do Luxury Perks And Ultra-Cool Facilities Really Create A Better Work Environment?

Employees working there benefit from onsite laundry rooms, access to 18 eateries – in which all food is free of charge – and many more perks besides, although the company remains tight-lipped about exactly what those are. While some view the installation of trendy facilities as necessary in the war for talent and contributory to productivity, others have questioned whether it really aligns with what modern employees seek from their workplace experience. “If your employees are happy, they’ll perform better and stay with for a longer time,” said Gautam Saghal, COO at employee benefits provider Perkbox. If an office boasts facilities such as laundry rooms, there can be a perception that employees no longer need to go home to complete that task and will therefore work longer hours. Transforming the work environment into a more domestic space can make it difficult for employees to switch off from one or engage with the other. Saghal gave the example of a ‘bring your dog to work’ policy, saying: “That’s really no cost to us, but immediately, it takes a load off our employees’ minds and it makes for a much more fun environment.” He continued: “A company shouldn’t be dissuaded from implementing perks because of cost.” It may be that employees of a certain company do particularly value perks such as massages, beanbags or foosball tables, but the implementation of those facilities should be a result of their feedback, not a top-down policy according to what other companies are doing or what’s considered trendy.


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