How Can Parcel Lockers Improve Last-Mile Delivery?

Parcel delivery lockers are fast becoming a familiar sight in malls, stores and train stations as the boom in online shopping leads retailers and logistics providers to look for new ways to deliver orders as quickly and efficiently as possible. Global sports retailer Decathlon is rolling out parcel lockers in its 1,500 stores as part of its click-to-collect service, while Amazon has had lockers in supermarkets, post offices and transport hubs across Europe for the last few years. Online shoppers select the lockers as a delivery option during checkout, then receive a QR or SMS code that will open the locker once the parcel is delivered. For retailers, parcel lockers are also a means to tackle the challenges – and costs – of last mile deliveries from warehouses to homes and offices. “Delivering to parcel lockers means a van could drop off dozens of orders at each delivery point, rather than just one,” says English. “What’s key is that customers can pick up the parcel along their usual journey, without a detour. As soon as the convenience factor is lost, parcel lockers become a less effective investment and potentially also a less sustainable solution.” “Retailers want to enable a more seamless, easy delivery. Parcel lockers are one part of the solution.”


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