How To Promote Workplace Wellbeing Across Generations

Generational conflict is nothing new, and the competing needs of each has implications for our workplace wellbeing strategies, explained Nichola Ebbern, Associate Director, Capita Real Estate and Infrastructure at the Workplace Wellbeing Show. The 21st Century is the first time we’ve seen five generations exist simultaneously, each with radically different views on how the world should work, and therefore radically different wellbeing requirements. The differences between these generations is reflected in the way they respond to workplace wellbeing, and each benefits from a new, tailored approach to mental health and wellbeing provision. Older generations tend to save for their retirement, having bought property early in their lives, whereas younger generations are forced to save more of their money for their immediate future – property being considerably more expensive in 2019. Improving workplace wellbeing across generations requires a collaborative and holistic approach. FMs need to develop an understanding of how different generations utilise a workspace, introduce benefits and perks that account for this, and employ generation-appropriate communication. The impact of this is clear: a strong wellbeing programme is vital for attracting the best staff – younger generations in particular are more likely to apply for jobs that come with an attractive wellbeing package.


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