How To Address The Pitfalls Of Remote Work

The 2019 State of Remote Work report published by social media management platform Buffer found that 99% of respondents want to work remotely at least part of the time for the rest of their careers. Even though remote work is popular, it’s still not perfect. “One of the things people miss out on the most is that communication and connection, especially in a situation where you have a company that has both office workers and remote workers, because they might not be considering this,” Griffis says. While in-office employees have the physical separation of an external workplace as well as the psychological cues of shutting down work and leaving the office, people who work from home may feel like they never leave work. The Buffer survey found that 22% of workers struggle with disconnecting from work. Left to their own devices, remote workers can respond more negatively about work than in-office peers. An August 2019 report from HR software firm Ultimate Software titled “The Remote Workforce Becomes the Empowered Workforce” found that remote workers are 40% more likely to have been promoted within the past year.


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