Acoustic Comfort: A Soundchoice For Greater Employee Productivity

Addressing acoustic comfort can ultimately contribute to the success of a company while also meeting applicable building standards. While supportive of employee privacy, these products fail to improve the overall acoustic comfort of a space. The program, designed by the International WELL Building Institute™, is based on scientific and medical research and articles on behavioral and health factors that suggest a correlation between productivity and health benefits as they relate to building design, construction, and management. In WELL v2, sound management is segmented out into a specific Sound Concept, a progression from WELL v1 where sound management was included in the Comfort Concept. Feature S04, part of the Sound Concept, specifically focuses on the requirements for sound absorption. Part 2 relates to applying sound reducing ceiling solutions, specifically addressing the amount of sound absorbed onto a surface and ceiling coverage area, measured by a Noise Reduction Coefficient. The LEED BD+C and LEED ID+C Acoustic Performance Credit addresses HVAC background noise, sound transmission, reverberation time, sound reinforcement and masking systems.


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