Let’S Talk About “Wow Factor” In Workplace Design

There’s a lot more to successful workplace design and culture than meets the eye. “We’re a very successful company with a great culture, but we need to change the way we work and our office design to attract the best new talent out there, while securing the great talent and culture we already have. So we need some real Wow Factor in this new design to attract and keep those people!”. In a time when a company’s investment in office real estate is being challenged by such disrupters as coworking companies and mobile technology, design needs to dig deeper beyond aesthetic to truly understand what it is that will impactfully connect staff with a workplace. Our question shouldn’t be what will give us a Wow Factor, but HOW can we design to support the growth of great culture within a workplace. The design of the workplace can play a significant role in facilitating and encouraging these behaviors, and we look for evidence of this in work environments. In the office environment, the design itself signals what’s possible, but it’s in making those key behaviors visible that helps people adopt them and change the expectations of the workplace. With these principles considered, we can design a workplace that successfully affords the different opportunities and ways it can be used, and visually demonstrates these behaviors.


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