Council Post: Ai’S Place In Hr And The Workplace

Successful organizations are learning to become more personal, intuitive and supportive while leveraging innovative tools to embrace agility and direct AI strategy. From employee well-being to organizational culture, I believe these areas are well-positioned to see incredible improvements by leveraging AI and its associated tools. Innovators can apply AI to talent acquisition to help organizations locate hard-to-find candidates at scale, mitigate resume overload, schedule interviews and – when properly tooled – safeguard against unconscious and intrinsic biases. Are you most concerned with sourcing quality, time-to-fill, or the candidate experience? Do you need a platform that can support integrations between different hiring tools? Once you’re clear with your needs, ask potential vendors: what kind of ROI can I expect? How is your model trained, and how do you source your data? Finally, take a test run with a trial or sandbox demo. Sophisticated employee engagement tools, such as CultureAmp and 15Five, can leverage natural language processing and sentiment analysis to keep a pulse on employees’ experiences. Marketers could use tools like Absolutdata to design optimized paid promotion calendars based on their own data, budget and goals. AI is a powerful tool with limitless applications, but it is heavily reliant on data quality.


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