California’S “Elaborately Designed” Concrete Skateparks Captured In Photos

Jagged tunnels edged with red trim, scooped walls and wave-like canopies are among the defining features of these vacant concrete skateparks in California, photographed by artist Amir Zaki. The images feature in the California Concrete, a Landscape of Skateparks publication, and document 12 unusual and elaborate skateparks in city’s across the state. Zaki, who grew up skateboarding in a Southern California suburb, undertook the project to capture the structures designed for heightening the experience of the sport. Devoid of skateboarders, his photos instead focus on the forms including scooped walls, curled roofs, undulating floors and mounds, and tunnels with a red trim. “They are essentially large and elaborately designed empty vessels, as much as they are concrete models of naturally found elements of the landscape such as mountains, hills, waves, and rocks,” Zaki told Dezeen. Published by Merrell, the California Concrete book includes an essay written by Los Angeles architect Peter Zellner that traces the evolution of these “Athletic landscapes”. “Southern California is the quintessential birthplace of skateboard culture and where these parks continue to flourish as architects, engineers, designers, and skateboarders collaborate to refine their designs, evolving fluidly together as the sport also evolves,” said Zaki.


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