Three Chords And The Truth Of Workplace

There is something compelling about the fact that with three chords you can make a song. The three chords are not always the same, it depends which key you’re in. I’m going to suggest that other than for exceptional circumstances, there are three that create the truth. You must be able to make a fantastic workplace out of three things without denying the importance of the other nine, if three is all you’ve got. If you’re going to make a fifty-year career out of workplace consulting, setting aside the obvious question of why on earth you’d even think of doing that, from here you’ll need – connectivity, coffee and washrooms. We suffered decades of instant, powdered or vended gravy-like crap and so the prospect of drinking something worthwhile is a pleasure that those entering the workplace in the last five years or less probably won’t fully appreciate. They’re outside the realm of the workplace as we perceive it but very much within as we need.


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