The Future Of Virtual Reality In The Workplace

Virtual Reality is particularly well known for its impact on the gaming and entertainment industry, with consoles and handhelds adapting to allow users to experience a whole new realistic experience. In just two years time, technology will be able to create an experience for humans where we are unable to tell the difference between the virtual and real world, with the merging of augmented reality and VR. Virtual Humans. VR is set to become part of our everyday lives as we create virtual humans for companionship – although expressions are expected to still be a work in progress. Further to this, VR can also provide candidates with the option to take a virtual tour of the office to gain an understanding of where they could be working without having to travel in. By 2026 the design of virtual reality headsets is set to become sleeker, as the headsets will downsize to a similar size and style to sunglasses; making them more comfortable, user-friendly and inclusive. In your lifetime, you will have your own virtual shopping assistant and this is expected to, push out the need for human shop assistants. With car manufacturers already constructing virtual showrooms letting customers take vehicles for virtual drives.


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