Navigating The Legally Complex World Of Workplace Ai

It’s in the news, it’s in our homes and will change the world of work as we know it. That may prove simply a phase in the evolution of how, long-term, AI proves better than humans at most workplace tasks. In the world of AI, the pace of change and the practical effect on how people are expected to work are like nothing seen since the Industrial Revolution. How will an employer defend a claim an employee brings against an employer’s allegedly biased software? What due diligence did you consider to ensure no bias existed? The gaps in what technology offers and human control over it will no doubt widen with the speed of change we are experiencing. Restructuring is hard work and implementing major changes looks inevitable as technology begins to take over the workplace for many businesses. How to keep employees motivated and engaged through this time? It will not be enough for Human Resource to manage and mitigate AI’s impact. HR professionals must engage and lead through this period of transformation to empower managers to keep faith with employees, help make the journey as painless as possible, and encourage employees who are part of such transformation to want to be part of the brave new world of work.


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