A Quarter Of Employees Would Upgrade Their Workplace Technology If They Were In Charge

Almost one-in-three remote employees believe they are more qualified than their manager, according to a new study. Employees working in higher-pressure work environments were 3.7-times as likely to feel more qualified than their manager, compared to those working in low-pressure workplaces. If roles were reversed, over one in three of employees surveyed said they would create goals for employees if they were in charge, while 34.3% said they would increase employee pay. Remote workers are also 36% more likely to schedule more meetings if they were in charge. Almost three in 10 of all employees would upgrade workplace technology if they held a position of power and over half of supervisors use this as their current approach. Workplaces are toxic for various reasons, but nearly 16% of employees cited their manager as toxic to the workplace. If you manage millennials and millennial managers at work, you had better get more tech into the workplace to stop job-hopping, according to a new report.


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