The Hr Capitalist: The #1 Way For Recruiters To Build Creditability With Candidates…

There’s a variety of information traded between candidate and recruiter – it’s a two-way exchange. Some recruiters are better at building credibility with candidates, which further results in trust, transparency and most importantly – great information. 1-You don’t want quick churn as a recruiter, so it make sense to the get the candidate’s view of the opportunity, judging what they value most about job in question. Does building creditability with candidates in this way really matter? That depends on the type of talent you’re trying to recruit. All recruiting is tough in a peak economic cycle, but recruiting entrenched candidates is difficult at best. If you’re looking to hire someone with a lot of options, building creditability as a recruiter could be the most important factor in them making a decision to move from their current company. Of course, if you’re recruiting candidates from the lowest of tiers, maybe building creditability doesn’t matter to you.


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