Council Post: Embrace An ‘Integrator Mindset’ For Organizational Success

People who embrace a growth mindset often view mistakes as learning lessons and their initial failures become part of the overall development process. The challenge is that many leaders who strive for a growth mindset – assessing their strategy, structure, systems and processes – hit a roadblock because they don’t think about how their learned perceptions of how companies function affects their approach, ultimately impacting their contribution to i.the organization as a whole. The integrator mindset enables us to see there are numerous ways to achieve success, and that we simply must understand the context and ensure that we adapt our approach accordingly. The ability to spot red flags described in the chart is the first step to adaptation and transformation, and can lead to adopting an “Integrator” mindset. The integrator mindset has a cascade effect – a good integrator has energy, optimism and resilience, forms positive relationships, and has a consequential impact on the well-being of others in their organization. A successful leader with an integrator mindset understands all the other mindset stages and, in turn, can effectively manage others developmentally to achieve greater flexibility. Ultimately, the integrated mindset can help organizations be more prepared for the future, especially in our increasingly complex, network-integrated world.


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