How To Use Personality Assessment Tests Improve Workplace Culture And Communication

Using personality assessment tests with your current employees – and sharing the results with them – can help team members better understand each other, which is a win-win for all involved. Other tests offer facilitation to help trainers effectively lead personality assessment sessions. If a personality assessment is led by HR instead of the team’s leader or manager, employees can use will learn how to interact with their own manager from an outside perspective. Setting aside this meeting time will help your managers – especially new ones – understand how to communicate with their teams based on personality assessment tests. With management’s input, pull reports for personality trends of your top performers to identify if a correlation exist with their personality test results. While some may scoff at the accuracy of personality assessments, one thing is for certain: When given the opportunity to take a test at work, your employees can evaluate how they view themselves and how others may perceive them. Using workplace personality tests helps your teams understand how their co-workers are different, and helps managers better understand their direct reports.


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