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First Latin American Coworking Summit, about half of the world’s 35,000 flexible workspaces are described as co-working spaces, a number that is increasing by 15% year each year. So why did we end up plumping for a separate office rather than hot desks? All co-working spaces promote sharing and innovation. When you rent your own small private office or even a dedicated desk, you don’t feel pressured into venturing forth into the communal bathtub of the co-working space. More indirectly, having to change office location when you scale up can be confusing to clients, entailing as it does a change of telephone number, front desk, and courier. Some co-working spaces can set you back over £300! Renting a small office becomes more economical than renting 5 hot desks in a co-working space. Moving from home to office is always an enticing and exciting prospect.


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