Why Ai And Chatbots Need Personality

Even though Siri and Alexa are chatbots that many people now believe they can’t live without, it was the SmarterChild chatbot that lived on many people’s buddy lists in 2000, and that gave humans their first widespread exposure to chatbots. You can’t sacrifice the performance of the bot for its personality. Once you ensure the performance of the bot, chatbots have the potential to become a key brand ambassador for your organization. Some organizations will consider how the bot would react by using the five-factor model of personality. Other organizations might not be so formal and just consider common personality traits such as if their bot should be friendly, funny, witty, sarcastic, helpful, polite and more to build out the personality traits of their bot. Another opportunity to insert personality into an interaction is in the way the bot closes out conversation. Be intentional about your bot’s personality so that it can produce the best results for your company.

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