Workforce Of The Future Starts With Today’S Technology

Workplace trends are constantly evolving and building owners and facility managers are being tasked with a lot. With the latest building connectivity, cloud-based architectures and wireless and low-cost sensors, organizations can take advantage of a platform that provides data-driven insights to adapt the workspace they offer to meet the evolving needs of their workforce. The right connected technology allows organizations to gather real-time data from multiple sources that, when analyzed quickly with the help of cloud computing, can empower personnel to look at their building space from an entirely different angle. To address under and over utilization of space to support office and clinical expansion requests, the hospital network, which has 15,000 employees, decided to implement connected building technology to learn how its 1.9 million square feet of space was actually being used. Whether it’s automatically shutting lights off as people leave an office, lowering the heat in conference rooms during certain times of day, or building more collaborative and employee-driven workspaces, organizations can make adjustments based on real data and not personal assumptions. It’s no longer just about improving how buildings operate but about breaking new ground and putting the tools needed to get the most out of a building directly into the hands of those who operate them now. What building owners and facility executives can do with connected building technology is transformative because of the impact it has on people.

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