Diversity Matters In Today’S Cre Workplaceknowledge Leader

Just as technology has changed CRE for the better, I believe diversity and inclusion are the path to future success. Progressive companies who actively hire diverse teams are changing the CRE landscape. In order for CRE firms to grow, we must serve the needs of every client, particularly those from diverse communities. A diverse CRE team can serve the needs of diverse clients who might have specific or unaddressed needs. Companies are beginning to, at least in part, base vendor and supplier selection decisions on the cultural and diverse makeup of the teams pitching the business – and even on the diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives of their organizations. Being a champion of diversity doesn’t end with hiring and onboarding new CRE team members. Collectively, CRE has an opportunity to be a leader to other industries and create more diversity within our teams – not only will it benefit business, it’s simply the right thing to do.

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