A Cool New Office: Empowering Workplaces For Business Goals

NEW YORK CITY-In 2019, modern, open office settings are commonplace. Companies often haven’t strategized past this to consider how they can tailor their office settings to empower their unique businesses and not be just another office with fewer walls and more standup desks. A major part of aligning office space with business goals is having project managers with workplace expertise on the team to advocate for owners, particularly in conversations with architects and general contractors, who may have their own ideas that aren’t aligned with a company’s business goals. Companies looking to build new offices should make sure they have expert advocates who can identify how to make a space that works for the company, rather than a space that simply looks great. A new office is a significant real estate investment in a company’s future, and like all investments, it should be tied to specific goals. Companies will often not individuate their new workplace designs to maximize success for their own business strategies. Not all effective corporate cultures are the same, nor are employee demographics-and part of strategizing for an office is ensuring a flexible space for alternative work strategies, various employee efficiencies and even multi-generational needs.

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