The Most Needed Workplace Disruption Requires This Key Strategy To Ensure Competitive Edge

The most significant disruption the workplace needs now is the creation of genuinely inclusive workplace cultures where employees are given the opportunities they crave for as long as they desire. “Older workers are leaving; younger workers are leaving, but for different reasons. Retention is a serious and expensive challenge.” Working with companies to develop specific solutions to retention issues and other business challenges, Morlot advocates that employee culture is a leadership capability requiring immediate intervention. Younger workers are capable, hungry and not willing to wait forever for opportunities, so the attitude of paying your dues doesn’t work. “You can’t hire a 22-year-old and get manufacturing experience. Some client relationships require complex management skills that would be overly challenging for younger employees. You can’t microwave that kind of experience and for that reason, companies can not ignore the more experienced worker,” Morlot explained. “Accelerating leadership capabilities to improve company performance needs to take place in the context of real work,” said Morlot. “The people with the most responsibility must be the first to adopt which means that senior leadership must take the lead to understand and meaningfully respond to their workforce and create a culture where employees are equally comfortable teaching and learning from each other. It’s hard work but critical, especially in these disruptive times.”

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