Is Your Building Ready For Impact Of Remote Working?

Remote working is a rising trend that occurred in 85 percent of American companies in 2018. Companies are even beginning to offer remote working and other benefits in the place of salary raises, and employees are happily accepting these incentives. The fact is, as remote working becomes more common, companies simply aren’t paying for spaces that won’t be used. People enjoy the comfort and independence of working remotely, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re working from home. Often, remote employees desire a space where they can have their freedom but still be surrounded by hard-working individuals and not be tempted by the laundry-list of chores at home. There is even more demand for rentable office space closer to residential areas, so this idea can be especially beneficial if your building is located on the perimeter of a city. The rise in remote working doesn’t have to be daunting for building owners.

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