Workplace Of The Future: Designing To Recruit Top Talent

Interface’s Chip DeGrace explains why companies need to design spaces that are representative of the diverse job functions that reside in a given workplace in order to recruit and retain top talent. If a prospective job candidate asked your current employee about their work environment, would they respond positively? Creating a workplace that fosters innovation and creates a healthy environment for employees is crucial for attracting the best in the business. The Soloist-Style employee prefers to spend the majority of their time at their desk; the Mixed-Style employee is in the office, but often not at their desk; and lastly, the Mobile Mixed-Style is found traveling for the majority of their week and doesn’t require a permanent workstation. Instead of operating at two extremes of privacy or visibility, companies are shifting toward a new workplace methodology, which creates spaces for all employees and every task: work choice. To encourage innovative thinking among employees, employers should outfit their built spaces to move and change in response to the needs of their innovative employees. These principals can be achieved through creating a workplace that enables free address, supporting employee wellness and free will in deciding how to work, encouraging collaboration, and minimizing the need for private offices for executives, allowing for conversation across levels. Promoting these advantages and considerations to potential employees is crucial in securing top talent across the workforce.

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