“The Office Has To Be Interesting, Or Else People Are Just Going To Work From Home”

In the world of commercial real estate, the output of these “Occupants” can be enhanced by using the building to improve their health, wellbeing, mood, and concentration, which could help to increase productivity. “The tremendous value organizations place on their people extends to real estate, as executives realize that giving people a job and a place to work is not enough-you need to create a space where they want to be. Human experience is a key differentiator for how people engage with an organisation – both strategically and operationally,” JLL explains in the context of retaining talent from the tech-savvy emerging millennial workforce. These are generations that have grown up with digital and connected technology, and they will prioritize smartly designed and technology-rich workplaces when choosing between employment options. “The world of work is changing. As disruption and uncertainty become the new status quo, smart companies will transform their workplaces to be agile and adaptable to ever changing economic, societal and technological realities. Executives will improve their workplaces to serve as the center of innovation and create experience-rich environments that help attract and retain talent,” JLLs opinion article concludes. JLL’s significant interest in our physical workplace may mean they ignore the virtual threat somewhat but also makes them a driving force in the smart building industry in its efforts to offer the flexibility demanded in the modern workplace. In addition to its real estate business, JLL’s independent venture capital arm ‘Spark’ has funded a variety of proptech startups that improve our physical workspaces. According to Spark’s Head of Growth, Andrea Jang, “The office has to be a compelling and interesting place to work, or else people are just going to work from home.”

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