Optimizing The Workplace Through Strategic Design

Workplace design is a key factor in shaping employee productivity. There has been an increased focus workplace across all industries, including the purpose of space and how it is used. In a survey conducted by Ware Malcolm and other design firms around the world, clients consistently named workplace design among the top factors affecting productivity. Workplace strategy is the alignment of these elements with the design of the physical work environment. This allows workplace strategy to be integrated into the design from the beginning of the project, resulting in the most impactful solutions. Incorporating workplace strategy into the design process allows for early consideration of these objectives to help drive the project, delivering a high-performance environment invested in people and place. Ted Heisler is vice president, interior architecture and design for Ware Malcomb, an international design firm providing planning, architecture, interior design, branding, civil engineering and building measurement services to commercial real estate and corporate clients.


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