A Look At The Rise Of Women Only Coworking Spaces

With a rise in the numbers of coworking spaces catered exclusively to women, check out a few of the high-profile facilities and what they have to offer. Of coworking members worldwide set to balloon to 5.1 million people by 2022 compared to just 1.74 million in 2017, it’s easy to overlook a new trend quietly changing the coworking landscape in recent years: women only coworking spaces. Along the way, co-working spaces that either cater exclusively to women, or at the very least are women centric, have garnered a lot of attention and fans along the way. In the US, there are now coworking spaces catered exclusively to women scattered around the country. Four women Erinn Farrell, Bethany Iverson, Liz Giel and Alex West Steinman formed the establishment with one goal in mind: to set aside space and time for women to network. This coworking space was founded on the principle that women supporting other women makes the world a much better place. Looking ahead, I predict the expansion of women only coworking spaces will continue to grow as niche specific coworking spaces.

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