Your Version 2.0 Must Have These Skills To Be Prepared For New Future Of Work

Research continues to prove that the impact of technology will be more on the nature of work and less on the number of jobs. How curious we are to learn, and our willingness to experiment with newer ways of doing things will help prepare individuals and organizations for the future. Being bilingual in the business world is the ability to combine the power of domain expertise + digital technologies. As an organization, it means we enable our clients to transform their business with digital technologies because we have the in-depth understanding of their industry. How do we do this? By valuing bilinguals – strong domain-experts who have learnt how to harness digital. How do companies get more out of digital? Once you master domain and digital, are you thinking outcomes? Think of it this way. How do you transform a leading CPG company’s business? By not just having insights into retail inventory but also real-time access to those insight by deploying the right digital tools.

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