Building Information Modeling: Digital Data Enhances Facility Management

By Andrew Mendelson, FAIA. Building Information Modeling has significantly impacted the design and construction industry since its introduction in the late 1990s. BIM is an excellent tool for helping facility management professionals trained in the use of FM and modeling software to directly engage project owners and share detailed visual information representing everything from design and construction concepts to component specifications and anticipated end results. Once complete, BIM can even provide a rich repository of digital data and related construction records that can be effectively utilized as facility management tools for implementing maintenance, operational and move management procedures. BIM consists of a wide range of robust software tools and technologies offering a database of building information and digital representations highlighting a facility’s physical and functional characteristics. As a basic service, the BIM tools used specifically for design and construction purposes will generally not provide all of the important facility management functions to maximize its long-term effectiveness. Mendelson, FAIA, is senior vice president, chief risk management officer at Berkley Design Professional, a Berkley Company. Since 2013, Mendelson has directed Berkley Design Professional’s efforts to provide design professionals with leading-edge, risk and practice management resources, tools and training.

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