How Do You Make Your Employees Feel Heard?

Create space for dialogue – When employees come to you with ideas, concerns, or feedback, provide them with a non-retaliatory and non-judgmental space for dialogue. Listening not only supports employees in feeling heard, it also helps you to understand the what and the why of the information they are sharing. When employees feel they can’t trust leadership, they spend more energy on self-preservation and job hunting than performing their job. Once employees feel leadership really listens, it goes a long way to increase trust and performance. Check in – To really make your employees feel like you are not ignoring or rejecting their thoughts and feedback, you need to check back in with them. A good practice for maintaining high team performance is to perform a quick check in with employees shortly after the initial discussion or any action planning. To really learn what it is your employees do best and how you can support their success, you need to engage with them, talk to them, and most importantly, listen to them.

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