Short-Termist Cre Mindsets Could Polarize Smart Building Landscape

“The office has to be a compelling and interesting place to work, or else people are just going to work from home,” said Jang, Head of Growth at Spark, JLL’s venture arm. Increasing short-termism of landlords while trying to make the office more attractive in the face of remote work trends has lead Spark to a series of low-capital, fast-value-generating technologies by innovative startups. VergeSense is an AI-enabled room and desk – monitoring and utilization platform, allowing customers to optimize their office layouts for capacity, health, or productivity. BureauOne is a furniture leasing company that turns vacant spaces into fully-equipped offices in just a few days. Short-termist landlords can get their tenents in quickly by offering smart office design at attractive timescales. A proptech offering that supports the objectives of tenants and landlords, especially those focused on the near future. This is another trend the Jang and her team have identified, the convergence of platforms that support the commercial building owners, operators, tenants, and users.

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