The Joy Of Desk

Seeing a photo on Twitter of the desk of the legendary Mark Eltringham of Workplace Insight brought this home – the person who creates more content about workplace than any other actually has his own workplace. Sometimes we need to turn the binoculars around and look through the little ends and see working life as a participant. We see – and feel – the stuff we don’t want to believe because it doesn’t fit our weltanschauung. Unlike the binary old days when you either got a desk in an office or in the open space, it’s now a bit more nuanced. Hot on the heels of the first ‘workstyles taxonomy’ that everyone who claims to hate open plan has so far avoided with for the uncomfortable truth in their argument it reveals, here is a taxonomy of the desk types available today. Neither of which you do Booking a holiday or a flight or tickets for a gig is cool – booking a desk isn’t ever, and never will be, cool. We’re busy, we’re stressed, we want to know we can get a desk so we can get on with our work, we want to know where it’s going to be, we want to know it’s going to work, and we want to be with the people we work with.

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