New Research: Challenges And Opportunities Facing The Tech Sector

New research from HOK explores the challenges and opportunities facing the tech sector today. “HOK Forward: Tech Workplace Takes Center Stage” investigates the distinct threats and challenges facing the tech sector and how these same challenges are affecting all companies, regardless of the industry in which they operate. The 83-page report explores the myriad challenges and opportunities facing the tech sector, from the shrinking talent pool and evolving regulatory environment to privacy and data security and the growing exodus from Silicon Valley. 67 percent anticipate growth will be leased space; eight percent envision coworking space as part of future growth strategy. 59 percent have a formal distributed work program; 41 percent prefer employees to be on site. 76 percent have a portion of portfolio with unassigned space, with the remaining 24 percent assigning staff to work points. 82 percent monitor and track space utilization; only 13 percent use sensors with 56 percent tracing via badge-in or IT login and 30 percent via observation studies.

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