Managing Workforce Fatigue Maximizes Workforce Efficiency

Eighty-two percent of employers think fatigue is a safety issue, and nearly all of employees in manufacturing settings agree. Are companies doing enough to combat it? In most cases, manufacturing companies focus on the obvious safety hazards in the workplace, everything from heat safety to fall risks – and all of these topics are important when it comes to safety. Despite widespread acknowledgment that it’s an issue, fatigue still remains one of the most commonly overlooked areas in employer safety programs. June is National Safety Month as declared by the National Safety Council, so there’s no better time than the present to finally give workplace fatigue the attention it deserves at your next safety meeting. In your safety meetings, be sure to stress the importance of avoiding workplace fatigue from a health and safety standpoint, and detail the negative impact it could have on your company. Make workplace fatigue the main area of focus at your next safety meeting and pass out handy infographics with quick tips and stats to keep safety top of mind with your team. Stay Proactive And Remain DiligentIn honor of National Safety Month, take a moment to connect with your employees in an open setting and have a candid conversation about safety and workplace fatigue.

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