Protect Your Next Design With Coatings That Stand The Test Of Time

The type of your building is the most important consideration for choosing a coil coating. For these types of structures, it is important to collaborate with metal product manufacturers who offer products coated with either 70% PVDF or FEVE. FEVE is ideal for buildings that are identified by their colors and branding, such as restaurants, retail stores, automotive dealerships, corporate facilities, and so forth. From metal walls to metal roofs and metal building accessories, there are an array of metal products that can be applied to various building types. Metal walls panels such as insulated metal panels, composite wall panels and single skin panels, are popular solutions for architectural and commercial buildings because they offer an array of design and aesthetic capabilities, and act as a protective weather barrier. Metal roofs are also a popular and sustainable application for protecting both commercial and residential buildings. As mentioned earlier, pigments dictate the color and function of coatings, and those within PVDF and FEVE coating systems can create visual effects that make your building shift, shine and stand out. Coatings with color changing pigments create a consistent iridescent gradient look that makes building colors shift when viewed from different angles or lighting.

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