Hot Desk Hell: Staff Spend Two Weeks A Year Looking For Seats In Open-Plan Offices The Register

People spend an average of two bloody weeks a year just looking for a frigging desk to work at, thanks to hot-desking. Only 16 per cent can typically find a desk in less than five minutes, 36 per cent take between five and 10 minutes while a shocking 21 per cent of those surveyed said it took them more than half an hour just to find a seat. The biggest irritation of hot desking, cited by 44 per cent, was time spent setting up a computer. Although beloved by beancounters and cost cutting consultants, the actual academic research into hot desking and open plan offices is, unsurprisingly to many who use it, negative. Researchers from Harvard University watched staff at two large companies that switched to open plan offices. They found conversations between staff fell by 70 per cent when they moved to an open plan space, while emails increased dramatically. Staff at one firm sent 56 per cent more emails and were cc’d on 41 per cent more mails after their cubicles were collapsed.

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